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    Default Purge!

    The spring has come ...
    and we want to do something to celebrate it!


    The event will last from

    April 13th at 23:59 and run until May the 13th at 23:59.

    No for blitzs.

    The rules are simple, the more attacks you win, the more chances you have to win our big prizes
    • At the end of the competition will win who will have the most battle points on his server. 10 winners per server.
    • Prize will be awarded in the world where you won, you can not ask for transfer to another world.
    • You can play on all the servers you want, but you can receive only one prize on a single server even if you win on multiple worlds.

    • Any rule violation will exclude you from the competition.
    • On May the 13th will end the competition, all attacks that will arrive after 11.50 pm will not be considered for the competition.
    • The calculation of the battle score can be found below:
      The battle high score is calculated from the battles fought by the user.
      A winner receives for 50 points for each battle won. Every battle that is lost will cost the player 50 Points when he is the attacker. If the player was the defender he will only lose 25 points lost
      In addition, the winner of the battle still has a number of points that are individually calculated from the battle itself. What determines the amounts will be the bash protection levels. Which are calculated with a factor of 1 to 2. Level 0 = (ex 33% maximum expendable) will be under the factor of 2. For each additional level of the factor it will decrease to 0.1. Now calculate what percentage of the points your opponent had and then multiply this value by the factor. Caution: If you lose as the aggressor this will count as the bash protection level of 0
      This will result in a range of points from 67-300 points that are possible per Battle.
      Finally all the points added up and the outcome of the battle score.
      Players who have a winning streak, should not rest to easy with their victories and their rankings. Only the battles from the last 30 days will count, so it doesn't matter at all if when the contest starts you are the first, or the last on the ranking!



    1° rank: 12000 diamonds
    2° rank: 7500 diamonds
    3° rank: 3000 diamonds
    4° and 5° rank: 1500 diamons
    6°-10° rank: 750 diamonds

    Team Looki
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    Here are the winners of the event:


    Team Looki


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